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Venetian Plastering

Venetian Plaster Fort Lauderdale, FL When it comes to creating attractive and appealing indoor spaces, it takes much more than basic painting techniques to create the impact you want. It is possible to achieve exquisite effects on your walls and other interior installations with the use of Venetian plastering techniques.

Walls that have been treated with this material and finishing look exactly like marble and feel like it too. However, it doesn't cost a pretty penny and you will find that it is possible to create an elegant and sophisticated look in your home at a very competitive Venetian plaster cost.

However, this is a specialized job which that requires the kind of expertise and experience that we bring to the table. We at Picasso House Painting & Faux Finishes Inc. are the professional Venetian plastering specialists that can provide you the kind of solutions you need.

Understanding What Venetian Plastering Is

This term refers to the technique as well as the actual product that is used to create classical and elegant-looking walls. It is a very ancient technique that was mastered by the Venetians, which is how the name came into existence.

Today homeowners across Collier County, Lee County FL, Palm Beach County and Broward County FL are opting for this exquisite finishing for their homes. There are several benefits to getting Venetian plastering for interior walls such as:

  • Since it is a textured plaster, it is also quite scratch-resistant.
  • This breathable surface is water-resistant and you don't have to worry about problems such as peeling etc.
  • Venetian plaster is extremely versatile and can be applied to surfaces such as concrete, wood, previously painted walls, natural stone and more.
  • It has a waxed finish which makes it very resilient and easy to clean.
  • It doesn't have a toxic smell that freshly applied paint does. Even after many years, it will not get the typical old house smell. This is because of its breathable quality that allows the material to remain dry inside.
  • Since it doesn't hold moisture, you don't have to worry about problems such as mildew and mold, which also helps maintain better indoor air quality.

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