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Venetian Plaster Services Naples, FL We at Picasso House Painting & Faux Finishes Inc are a full-service painting company that provides excellent house painting and faux painting solutions to clients in Broward County and Ft Lauderdale. Our high-quality services have helped transform the appearance of many big and small homes across the region. We are committed to providing clients with high-quality services which include:

Venetian Plastering

In the Venetian plastering process, special plaster is used to create a superb texture on the walls. This technique is ideal for interior as well as exterior spaces and is a great way to beautify your home cost-effectively. We have the expertise and skill to create exceptionally appealing finishes and textures with Venetian plaster and make sure that the final product is elegant and sophisticated. We have expertise in Venetian plastering techniques such asmarmorino, scagliola, as well as sgraffito. The use of high-grade materials helps to ensure that all the surfaces have a stunning and distinctive look and appeal. Read More About Venetian Plastering »

Faux Painting

In faux painting, a combination of paint & glaze is applied to create various dimensions and textures on walls, ceilings and other surfaces. Faux painting masters like the ones at our company can create textures that emulate the look of marble, wood, as well as suede, various natural stones, leather etc. In this process, we first apply special plaster material over the walls with orange peel textures or other finishes ensuring maximum adhesion. Faux finishes require a few coats of good quality paint followed by a glaze layer which gives the surface an elegant & clean look. The different faux painting techniques we use include- Spanish Texture, Old World, Santa Barbara, Traditional, Tuscan and Mediterranean. Read More About Faux Painting »

Wrought Iron Metallic Finishes

Wrought iron is a highly versatile material and is utilized in a range of applications. It’s used in features such as furniture, metal posts and more. We provide high-quality wrought iron metallic finishes and painting solutions. There are some distinct benefits to opting for wrought iron finishes. They look unique and complement the appeal of classical and traditional style interiors. In addition to painting solutions, we also offer custom wrought iron refinishing services and can create superb finishes of various wrought iron surfaces in your home. We prep the surfaces well and make sure that the paint and finishes are. Read More About Wrought Iron Metallic Finishes »

Fireplace Mantles

Mantels and fireplaces add a very appealing look to a home and become the focal point of the space they are in. But these features are exposed to heat and flames which can cause the surfaces to become dull and dated. If you have noticed some signs of deterioration in your fireplace finishes or the mantel surface, we can provide high-quality refinishing services. We will carry out minor repairs and smoothen the surfaces before completing any painting and finishing job. Our team of experts can apply faux Venetian finishes to enhance the appeal of these features. They have the expertise to create various styles of finishes for fireplaces and mantels. Read More About Fireplace Mantles »

Color Consulting

Color consultation is a very important aspect of any interior or exterior painting job. Color choices can make or break the look of a room and we have the experience and expertise to provide custom color consultations before starting on any painting job. Our experts are creative and have a deep understating of various color and painting trends. They make sure that the advice they offer takes into account the architectural elements in your interior spaces and create a beautiful ambiance on your property. Using the right colors on your walls, ceilings and other surfaces as well as other features and installations in your home can increase its appeal and value. Read More About Color Consulting »

House Painting

We provide high-quality customized, interior and exterior painting solutions to clients across the region. Our team of expert house painters can handle big and small residential painting jobs of all types. We provide excellent color consultation services, use high-grade materials and techniques in our work and make sure that the house painting project is completed to industry standards. We focus on creating stunning effects on your walls and make sure that the job is handled to your expectations. You will find that our painting solutions help up the beauty and value of your home and give you beautiful and welcoming spaces to live in. Read More About House Painting »

Venetian Plaster & Faux Painting Classes

Venetian Plaster is a unique faux painting technique that can help enhance the appearance and appeal of indoor and outdoor areas of a home. We conduct professional Venetian plaster and faux painting classes that cover all aspects of the process. Our team of experts provides detailed information about the materials the techniques and finishes etc. used in this process. These classes also cover details on polishing plastered surfaces, creating samples, as well as techniques such as stenciling, color washing, and working with waxes and metallic paints. This 360-degree approach helps you develop your own distinctive faux painting style. Read More About Venetian Plaster & Faux Painting Classes »

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