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Faux Painting and Venetian Plastering in Fort Myers, FL

Faux Painting, Fort Myers, FL You don't just happen to get a beautiful home with unique interior design. It is crucial to imagine, plan, and implement the right furnishings, décor, and color schemes. However, in certain circumstances, these changes may not be enough to transform your home's interior space drastically. To give these spaces a more desirable look you'll need something special.

Faux painting and Venetian plastering can be applied to your property's interior and exterior walls for that special touch. Our mission at Picasso Faux Painting & Venetian Plastering is to provide clients in and around Fort Myers, FL, with customized, high-quality solutions. Our team of highly skilled and experienced local Venetian plasterers have years of experience and are highly qualified and knowledgeable.

Faux Painting

Each room in the house has a distinct wall, and textured wall can uplift the look of the space. Painting in various textures and shades can uplift even the dullest and most basic surfaces. Faux painting is a method that uses a blend of paint and glazes to create a wide range of textured surfaces and depths. Faux painters can create effects resembling marble, wood, suede, leather, and a wide variety of natural stones, all of which can give your home a unique appeal.

Plaster paste is best applied to surfaces with a knock-down/orange peel texture to provide maximum adhesion. It takes several coats of paint for the faux finish, which is then followed by a glaze treatment to ensure that the surface is pristine and flawless. We collaborate with you to learn your tastes and ensure that our solutions fit your needs. Our professional faux painters can produce stunning effects on our clients' properties because of the variety of colors and finishes available.

Venetian Plastering

Using Venetian plastering, one can achieve a wide variety of visual effects on walls. Skilled Venetian style plasterers can conceptualize and create stunning wall finishes. It gives your home a distinct look and greatly enhances its overall appeal and décor. An excellent time to apply Venetian plaster on your walls is when you're renovating specific home areas.

Despite the wide range of available finishes and textures, Venetian plastering has a distinct look and feel. We are a local Venetian plasterer with years of experience in the business, and we cater to commercial and residential clients with customized, cost-efficient services. These tasks require a high level of originality, skill, and expertise, and we have them all.

It's safe to assume you'll end up with beautiful walls when you work with well-established and reputed professionals you can trust like us. Our experts employ these diverse materials and methods in the interior and exterior of your property. As a result, the patterns and effects in these places are breathtaking. Our experts can transform the walls and ceilings of your residential or commercial property into pieces of art with our expertise in faux painting and Venetian plastering solutions.

High-Grade Faux Painting and Venetian Plastering

We offer a wide range of services and go above and beyond to meet the requirements of our clients. Our policy is never to put a halt to a project to begin another. Our team is meticulous and methodical in its approach to every task. This attention to detail sets us apart from the competition. Our primary goal is to earn your complete satisfaction with our products and services. We serve residential and commercial customers in and around Fort Myers, FL, and we make sure they get bang for their buck.

For more information on our specialized Faux paintings and Venetian plastering solutions, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Picasso Faux Painting & Venetian Plastering at 954-397-3107. You can also send us your queries via this Online Form, and we will get back to you within the shortest possible time.